Electro-Nav Installs Atlas S-Band Radar On U.S.-Flag Tanker

The first installation on a U.S.- flag tanker of an Atlas S-Band radar with basic collision avoidance features was recently performed on the S/S Allegiance owned by International Ocean Transport Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. The radar Type Atlas 6500 S BCA was installed by Electro-Nav, Inc., New York, in a record time of two days, which included removal of an obsolete radar. This short installation time was possible because Atlas uses special coax cable instead of rigid waveguide, and a minimum number of control cables.

The Atlas 6500 S BCA offers early automatic target detection through dual guard rings; easy plotting through flat reflection plotter, digital plot clock and speed/time/distance table; and display ranges from 0.3 to 72 nm. A powerful 30-kw S-Band transmitter with four pulse lengths and an antenna with narrow horizontal beamwidth of 1.7 degrees provide an exceptional picture presentation. During the final checkout at Jacksonville, Fla., Captain Olderich, the ship's captain, mentioned he had never seen such sharply defined targets on an S-Band radar.

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