Northwest Marine Receives Major Navy Contract

Portland, Ore.-based Northwest Marine Iron Works has started overhaul of the USS Lang under a $6.02-million contract. The Lang will be in Portland through May of 1978 undergoing hull repair and a major upgrading of its electronic and weapons systems.

It is the second vessel in the Navy's FF class to undergo a major overhaul by Northwest Marine Iron Works in the past year. The Lang's sistership, the USS Stein, received a sonar dome and sewage installation system under a $6-million contract to Northwest Marine Iron Works in 1976.

Due to be installed on the Lang are an improved communications system, radar, sonar (excluding the dome) unit and weapons. The Lang, which was built in 1966, is designed for antisubmarine warfare. The vessel is 438 feet long with a beam of 46 feet. It will be in drydock for 40 days. Northwest Marine Iron Works Marine Division specializes in major vessel repairs, ship conversions and new barge construction.

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