Racal Electronics Plans To Acquire Full Ownership Of ITT Decca Marine

A new organization was announced recently for the marketing and servicing of all Racal- Decca Marine p r o d u c t s in the United States. A joint Racal Electronics- ITT statement said that Racal, the international electronics group that acquired the Decca companies last year, is in the final stages of securing total ownership of ITT Decca Marine, Inc., based in Palm Coast, Fla. The deal is expected to be completed shortly, pending certain formal governmental approvals.

David Paculabo, marine director of Racal-Decca, stated: "The setting up of the new organization shows our determination to increase and broaden our marine business throughout the United States. Racal-Decca will remain strong in radar, particularly deepsea and small boat radar. We have already started a development program for a completely new range of products to be launched within two years. Meanwhile, we will intensify the marketing of our current marine products." The new organization, to be renamed Racal-Decca Marine, Inc., will take over the complete business operations carried out by ITT-Decca Marine, jointly owned by Racal-Decca ITT under a 50/ 50 partnership agreement. Racal- Decca is now acquiring the ITT half share to give it 100 percent ownership of ITT Decca Marine. The new organization will have c l o s e liaison with Racal-Decca Survey, Inc. of Houston, which provides a full range of products for the offshore oil industry.

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