MECO Offers New Heat Recovery Evaporators —Literature Available

Mechanical Equipment Company, Inc. (MECO), New Orleans, is marketing three new waste heat recovery evaporators for the production of fresh water. Applications include offshore drilling rigs and production platforms, pipelaying barges, tankers, cargo vessels, tugboats, survey ships, etc.

The units, which operate on the vacuum distillation principle, are available in models with capacities of 100, 300, and 600 gallons per hour, and with dry weights of 950, 3,650 and 5,200 pounds, respectively.

The evaporators use waste heat from engine jacket water, turbine exhaust, or surplus steam to boil seawater or brackish water at low temperatures (usually 120 to 135 F), thus greatly reducing scale formation. The fresh water contains less than 4 ppm of total dissolved solids, and meets U.S. Public Health Service purity standards. Each unit is a complete package with evaporator shell, piping, heat exchangers, blowdown and distillate pumps, controls, gauges, thermometers, and a salinity monitoring system.

For additional information and free literature, write to S. Disi, Dept. MR, MECO, 861 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, La. 70130.

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