Environmental Monitoring

A Proven, New Approach for Vessel Insulation

Special Advertising Section for Mascoat Products • www.deltacoat.com Vessel insulation has changed very little in many years. Normally hidden from direct view, thermal insulation systems can become ineffective over time due to poor installation, vibration or moisture intrusion.


New X-FLO Steam Compressor Fabricated To Withstand Corrosion

—Free Literature Available The Ingersoll-Rand Company, Charlotte, N.C., recently announced the introduction of the X-FLO steam turbo compressor. Peter Baldwin, vice president and division general manager, Single Stage Product Division, said the

Energy Research In The Oceans

The potential of the sea as a major source of energy as well as the prime route over which huge quantities of fuel are transported makes it particularly appropriate that the theme "Energy Research in the Oceans" has been selected for the first

BP Adds Cargo Controls To S/T Keystone Canyon

While in the process of converting the S/T Keystone Canyon from 165,000 dwt to 125,000 dwt at the Northwest Marine Iron Works Shipyard in Portland, Ore., BP Oil of Cleveland, Ohio, has also added a complete system of closed gaging cargo monitoring equipment.

Esgard's 'Bio Kote' Protects And Is Environmentally, Ecologically Safe

The development and marketing of corrosion-preventive coatings which are not only effective in protecting equipment but are also environmentally and ecologically safe has been a goal of Esgard, Inc. since its founding. The Lafayette, La.- based

Packing Solutions Help Bear Set Sail

In August 2001, the Delamar Company received a call from the Engineering Officer aboard the 270-ft. (82.2-m) USCG Cutter Bear. He described an oil leakage problem from the #1 (starboard) reduction gearbox. The stern outdrive shaft's stuffing box

N e w M A R C O Oil Recovery System Used In Gulf

A new type of offshore oil-spill skimmer built by MARCO was assigned to recover oil when a 7 2 , 0 0 0 - d w t L i b e r i a n tanker started spilling oil on November 1, 1979, following a collision at sea five miles south of Galveston Bay, MARCO

MECO Offers New Heat Recovery Evaporators —Literature Available

Mechanical Equipment Company, Inc. (MECO), New Orleans, is marketing three new waste heat recovery evaporators for the production of fresh water. Applications include offshore drilling rigs and production platforms, pipelaying barges, tankers, cargo vessels, tugboats, survey ships, etc.

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